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I Am Ariani

Web architect & Digital artist

I love to define myself as a “multipotential professional”, since I am an expert in many different disciplines.
I have gained expertise in various fields employing art, creativity and innovation, in particular when they are mixed with technology.

My main interest is in virtual reality game design: thanks to a master in game design obtained at the Event Horizon School of Digital Art, I am managing in converting my passion for games into a full-time job.

I have had the occasion to gain experience in this field in several game jams, where my teams, thanks to my hard work, have reached the second place for two times, and have also gained other awards.

In 2016 I have been able to test my skills working with Immotionar for the Hit Motion project, where we had to design a game employing full body in virtual reality thanks to the addition of Kinects.
The game has received positive feedbacks and has also been featured on some VR blogs

My Skills

Web Design

UX/UI Design


Video Maker


Game Design

All Works

What I Can do For You

Web Design

Design and develop responsive websites and use CMS visualizable from desktop and mobile devices, customized for every need and industry.

Professional Video

I offer the best technical solutions for making movies, whether it's business videos, enriched by interviews or product reviews, or videos with every other promotion purpose.

Game Design

I can applying design and aesthetics to create a game for entertainment or for educational, exercise, or experimental purposes.


4758 Nancy Street
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