Testing the MetaHuman Face and Body ControlRigs in Sequencer. Very sophisticated rigs setups, especially the face wow. I’ve never used a full FACs rig like this before. While testing the Editor Utility Widget for the body picker I thought the “Left Hand” button would select the controls to make a fist pose. I was kind of right.

Meet the MetaHumans


Bringing compelling real-time digital humans to life is incredibly challenging and time-consuming. It can take months of research, costly scanning equipment, and an army of tech artists. What if we could make the process radically simpler, faster, and more scalable—without compromising on quality?

We’re excited to share a sneak peek at MetaHuman Creator, a new tool that will empower anyone to create a bespoke photorealistic digital human, fully rigged and complete with hair and clothing, in a matter of minutes.